The conference will be both offline and online simultaneously. We will translate offline talks online and connect online speakers to our offline auditorium.

There will be five separate poster sessions: offline (one) and online (four, to allow all participants to have sufficient time to present their work in provided zoom rooms). The online sessions will take place at different time slots. Unfortunately, we cannot translate the offline session. So we encourage our offline participants to present their posters at the respective online session as well.

The room asignment for online posters is available here.


The offline poster should be vertically oriented and A1 size.   

To prepare your poster for the online session, please make your fonts as large as possible. You may use our template (.pptx or google slides) or come up with your own. Please note that everyone will have the opportunity to zoom in on the area of interest in the poster (see an example of an online poster here).

Please upload your poster using the form by July 28th, 23.59 Moscow time. All uploaded posters will be available for all other participants via a closed link.